Upload your riddle :

Make sure you don't forget something :

- Have your read the tutorial?

- Your riddle must be zipped (or rared) and named yournicknamenumberoftheriddle.zip or yournicknamenumberoftheriddle.rar (ex : if your nickname is swan and that this is the first time you submit a riddle, then the file should be named swan1.zip).

- Make sure that you only use lowercase characters in the name of your files and in the links that point at them. On a server Cat.html is not the same as cat.html and not the same as cat.Html.

- No spaces, apostrophes or accents either.

don't eat the strange PaŽlla.png -> not good
donteatthestrangepaella.png -> good

- Don't forget the screenshot (200 x 133 pixels).

- Don't use "yourriddle.html" or "yourclue.html" as filenames ;), give them proper names.

- If you have sent us a riddle and you want to send an updated version, tick the "Modification" box and upload the whole thing (not only the updated files).

Your nickname
The same as on the forum
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ex: The Infernal Box
Riddle's number
If it's your first one, then it's 1
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ex: start.html
Creation or Modification?
Choose Creation if it's the first time you upload this riddle.
Your clue
It will be in the Help Forum
Use the form at the bottom of this page to upload your riddle, and then copy and paste the URL which will be given to you in this box
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To contact you
Solution and personal message

If something doesn't work in the upload process, just send your riddle at your@ouverturefacile.com.

As a text for your email just fill this :

Nickname =
Riddle's name =
Number =
Start page =
Creation or Modification
Your clue (for the forum) =
Your Email =
Solution of the riddle =
Personal message =

Don't forget to add the zipped riddle as an attachement to this email.