To be sure that your riddle will be reviewed and maybe added, just follow every step of this tutorial.

1. The idea

First you need a good idea on how to play with people's minds ;). You might have played many Ouverture Facile's levels and you know some tricks to hide clues. For the rest, you're on your own.

2. Downloading the files

Just download this zip file :

Ouverture Facile RDK

Everything you'll need is in it, you just have to unzip it.

3. Creating your riddle

This is the hard part. Make sure you read this tutorial very carefully :

How to create a riddle

It does not only explain what you can do but also some rules you MUST follow (naming files properly, etc...)

In addition to this tutorial there is small tutorial that will teach you how to edit the flash file to make your own riddle :

Using Flash

This is not a full tutorial to learn how to use flash, just a basic explanation on how to edit the file provided in the RDK (Riddle Development Kit). If you don't know how to use Flash there are a bunch of tutorials on the web, just use google to find one.

Note : If you know how to use flash you can make a tutorial and post it in this section, it will be appreciated (and rewarded).

Flash isn't a freeware and you might not have it (or you don't want to use it), don't worry you can make a riddle without it (everything is explained in the tutorial).

4. Uploading your riddle

Check that everything is OK by reading the tutorial again. It's easy to forget something when creating a riddle (trust me...).

Make sure your riddle is zipped and named (ex : if your nickname is swan and that this is the first time you submit a riddle, then the file should be named

Now go to the upload form :

Upload Form

Don't forget to upload your riddle and then to fill the form. The upload system will give you an URL that you must copy and paste in the URL box of the form.

If something doesn't work in the upload process, just send your riddle at

As a text for your email just fill this :

Nickname =
Riddle's name =
Number =
Start page =
Creation or Modification
Your clue (for the forum) =
Your Email =
Solution of the riddle =
Personal message =

Don't forget to add the zipped riddle as an attachement to this email.

5. That's it?

Yes. The riddle will be reviewed and added if it's good, if we notice something to improve in your riddle we will advise you by sending you an email.

Good luck !